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Purely essential

Skottsberg products don't just last, they get better with age. In the era of endless innovation, it’s nice to know we got some things right the first time around.  Skottsberg celebrates getting back to the real essentials. Because real is just better. Better for us, better for the planet, and, when it comes to our range of products, better for enjoying food together too.

Today, it’s more important than ever to look to the lessons of the past to protect our future, that’s why Skottsberg products are easily accessible, affordable for all, durable, and totally free from plastics. It’s time to get back to essentials.

Well looked after, Skottsberg products become uniquely yours, infused with the flavors you love to cook with. Practically indestructible, they will become an essential part of family recipes, and be passed down through generations, making the flavors better year after year.

Cast Iron Cookware