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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to place an order in our webshop, you must first register as a customer. We deliver our products exclusively to distributors. You must first register as a customer before you can register as a distributor. This is simply done by completing our registration form. After receiving your details, we shall send you the log-in details for our webshop by e-mail as soon as possible or contact you.
If you are not logged in, you see the gross prices (without VAT). Once you are logged in, you see your own net prices.
It is of course always possible that a delivered product or package is defective or deviates greatly from what was agreed. In that case, contact us directly so we can search for a solution together. First, we evaluate whether the complaint is justified. If it is, we explore how we can resolve the problem and prevent it occurring again in the future. If you have a complaint, contact our Customer Service at +31 (0)541-581600 or You will receive a response dealing with the substance of the complaint within 10 work days at the latest. If you are a business customer and are not satisfied with how your complaint was dealt with, you can contact the Arbitration Department of the Foundation.